1st International Workshop on Alignment of Business Process and Security Modelling (ABPSM 2011)



The aim and focus of the workshop

Often, business process modelling on the one hand, and IS security issues on the other hand, stand out as quite separate research issues, seldom addressed together in the same research projects or publications. The main goal of this workshop is to create an arena where researchers in these two domains could meet and build a common understanding about the interplay between business processes and security. The workshop should therefore be of interest both for researchers who have already done research combining business process modelling and security issues, and for researchers who have primarily worked in one of these areas but want to learn more about the other.

Workshop topics

(including, but not limited to...):

  • security challenges in business process management;
  • inclusion of security issues in business process modelling techniques;
  • security modelling approaches;
  • techniques for secure software engineering;
  • security risk management;
  • alignment between business process and security;
  • models and methods for measuring such alignment;
  • connection between business process modelling and security modelling;
  • cost-benefit analysis of alignment between business process and security;
  • security and SOA;
  • security challenges in enterprise IS (e.g., ERP, SCM);
  • security challenges in e-commerce, e gov, etc.


More information on Workshop's website http://events.idi.ntnu.no/abpsm11/

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