Invited Speaker - Dimitris Karagiannis

Next Generation of Modelling Platforms

Assuming that modelling becomes commodity as an evolution of the abstraction in IT research, one needs to consider challenges like business and IT alignment, service science or Cloud Computing. Thus a growing number of groups around the world show interest in modelling methods – either standard or individual ones – that satisfy the requirements of their domain.

In order to analyse modelling methods in different domains, we introduce a generic modelling method specification framework that describes modelling methods on three major parts: (a) the modelling language that describes the syntax, semantic and notation, (b) the modelling procedures that describe the methodology as well as (c) the modelling functions represented in algorithms and mechanisms that specify the behaviour of a modelling method.

Equally according the raise of modelling methods there is a need for re-use, integration or combination of different modelling methods. The meta modelling approach is considered to provide the required concepts and mechanisms to combine different modelling methods for the so called Hybrid Method Engineering.

The Next Generation Modelling Framework (NGMF) supports Hybrid Method Engineering, both on a conceptual and on a technical integration level. On conceptual level the NGMF provides mechanisms to encapsulate modelling methods and enable the hybrid usage of different modelling languages. On technical level the Next Generation Modelling Platform provides functionality for modelling method engineering and modelling method application.
Sample scenarios in the domain of business and IT alignment will be introduced, where different modelling methods have been used for a hybrid model representation.

The talk will conclude with the Open Models Initiative, which is an international scientific community focusing on modeling method engineering and modeling method application.

Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis

Head of the Institute for Business and Knowledge Engineering University of Vienna

Dimitris Karagiannis studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin and was visiting scientist at research institutions in the USA and Japan. From 1987 to 1992 he was scientific director for Business Information Systems at the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Management in Ulm. Since 1993 he has been full professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna. As head of the Institute for Business and Knowledge Engineering his main research areas are Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence and Meta-Modelling. Besides his engagement in national and EU-funded research projects Dimitris Karagiannis is the author of research papers and books on Knowledge Databases, Expert Systems, Business Process Management, Workflow-Systems and Knowledge Management. He is the founder of the European software- and consulting company BOC (http://www.boc-group.com), which implements software tools based on the meta-modelling approach. Recently, he established the Open Model Initiative (www.openmodels.at) in Austria.

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